Comedy of Errors (2014): Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, The Globe Theatre, Bankside

PrComedy of Errors (

Location: The Globe Theatre, Bankside
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Becci Gemmell (Luciana); Simon Harrison (Antipholus of Syracuse); Hattie Ladbury (Adriana); Matthew Needham (Antipholus of Ephesus); Brodie Ross (Dromio of Syracuse); Jamie Wilkes (Dromio of Ephesus).

This production ran from 30 August - 12 October 2014.

"And when Blanche McIntyre's production hits a sweet spot - as it undoubtedly does for much of the second half - it is pure chaotic joy. The stage collapses, various things blow up and, for some reason, lots of grown men start beating each other with dead animals (a squid, a fish and a rabbit)....But it takes Globe debutante McIntyre too long to find her feet in a night that frequently feels underpowered."  ~ Andrzej Lukowski, Time Out London, 5 September 2014, in Theatre Record 2014, Issue 18

"the Globe's final outdoor offering of the turned into a kind of Two Men, Two Guvnors by its end-of-season air. More often, though, as members of the cast contend with rubber poultry, unbreakable vases and collapsing pillars, they do so with enough aplomb to make Shakespeare's shortest play both fast and funny."  ~ Dominic Maxwell, The Times, 6 September 2009, in Theatre Record 2014, Issue 18

"When the mountebank Doctor Pinch turns up to treat two of the central quartet for madness, he leaps and gyrates like Bobby Farrell of Boney M throwing his most vigorous Ra-Ra-Rasputin shapes."  ~ Ian Shuttleworth, Financial Times, 8 September 2014, in Theatre Record 2014, Issue 18

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