Pericles (1994): National Theatre, Olivier Theatre

PrPericles (

Location: Olivier Theatre
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Henry Goodman (Gower); Douglas Hodge (Pericles); Susan Lynch (Marina); Joy Richardson (Thaisa).

This production ran from 19 May - 18 August 1994.

"The huge disc that dominates the Olivier stage in Pericles at the National is planked like a galleon's deck and blistered with what might be lunar craters or froth bubbles; a reminder from Mark Thompson's designs that the moon and the sea propel the action in this rambling odyssey. Or it could be a giant beermat. Phyllida Lloyd's production draws on styles and cultures from South American jungle to ice-bound Inuit, Arab to African to oriental. There is music. There is dance, not as much as advance publicity led us to fear but still interminable....[the production] limits itself to throwing visual gimmicks at the piece and hoping for the best.  ~ Martin Hoyle, "Pericles diffused", Financial Times, 21 May 1994

"Phyllida Lloyd was extremely gutsy to agree to direct this difficult play in the Olivier. But the theatre has notched up as many victims as the King of Antioch's daughter, and I'm afraid that Lloyd is another."  ~ Jane Edwardes, Time Out, 25 May 1994

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