Romeo and Juliet (2007): Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Globe Theatre on Tour

PrRomeo and Juliet (

Location: Globe Theatre on Tour
Live Performance

CAST INCLUDES (from Theatre Record): Richard Madden (Romeo); Ellie Piercy (Juliet); Eliot Shrimpton (Nurse); Mark Springer (Mercutio); Julian Stolzenberg (Tybalt).

"It is 400 years since the Globe was last on tour, and although the current company has substituted the traditional horse and cart for camper van, and hasn't been forced to retreat from London because the plauge has shut the playhouses, it still feels as if an ancient tradition is being fulfilled as the company wends its way across country, winding up at Lord's cricket ground in early September....from the opening moments when the entire cast burst out of the doors of the ancient camper van it has a rude exuberance that may make some people choke on a stuffed olive. Edward Dick's production is uneven in execution and casting and is sometimes so hyperactive that you want to hand out the Ritalin. But when it is more carefully controlled the production's energy works in its favour. Best of all is the casting of the two central roles...Elsewhere there are some major deficiencies in the acting, but there are unexpected subtleties too. The truly memorable thing about this production is Piercy and Madden's haunting looks of love, two teenagers careering towards tragedy with a smile on their faces."  ~ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, 23 August 2007, in Theatre Record 2007, Issue 16-17

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