Much Ado About Nothing (2022): Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Shakespeare Theatre

PrMuch Ado About Nothing (

Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Micah Balfour (Don John); Mensah Bediako (Antonio); Kevin N Golding (Leonato); Akiya Henry (Beatrice); Karen Henthorn (Dogberry); Mohammed Mansaray (Claudio); Taya Ming (Hero); Ann Ogbomo (Don Pedra*); Luke Wilson (Benedick).

NB: Michael Balogun was originally cast as Benedick, but left the production before the run began and the part was taken by his understudy. 

*The production's character names are retained here, but below they are consistent with Shakespeare's original names and gender for the production of accurate casting statistics in this database.

This production ran from 4 February - 12 March 2022.