Much Ado About Nothing (2009): New Shakespeare Company, Open Air Theatre, London

PrMuch Ado About Nothing (

Location: Open Air Theatre, London
Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Sean Campion (Benedick); Silas Carson (Don Pedro); Nigel Cooke (Leonato); Ben Mansfield (Claudio); Anneika Rose (Hero); Samantha Spiro (Beatrice); Tim Steed (Don John).

This production ran from 1 - 27 June 2009. Production information from Theatre Record; may be incomplete.

"Philip Witcomb's design sensibly works in harmony with the natural attributes of the space, providing an attractive curved wooden playing area dotted with citrus trees. Frolics among the fruit become the focus of a couple of the fine set-pieces in which the reluctant lovers are tricked by their friends into falling for each other."  ~ Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard, 2 June 2009, in Theatre Record 2009, Issue 11

"[Beatrice's antagonistic wit clearly serves as a defensive shield and, like Sean Campion's Benedick, there's a conscious sense of role-play about her - he's the court jester; she's the cynical single woman. Yet where she bucks in intellectual frustration, he drips in old-school chauvinism. This darker patriarchal shadow is later intriguingly referred to when Anneika Rose's sweet Hero stands in her wedding garments the night before her ill-fated ceremony to Ben Mansfield's spineless Claudio, and the metal corset and frame look ominously like chains."  ~ Claire Allfree, Metro (London), 3 June 2009, in Theatre Record 2009, Issue 11

"Director Timothy Sheader may go in for modish (and ill-judged) use of colour-blind casting, but his blocking and off-the-ball action is as square as a Shreddie. Some of the reaction moments from the actors are excruciatingly formulaic - the hilarity! The delight! The gasps!"  ~ Quentin Letts, Daily Mail, 5 June 2009, in Theatre Record 2009, Issue 11

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