Love's Labour's Lost (2001): English Touring Theatre

PrLove's Labour's Lost (

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Television and Radio Drama

"Courtesy of Neil Warmington's design, the rural court of the King of Navarre becomes a state-of-the-art City of London skyscraper; with the characters making their exits and entrances via lifts in a manner peculiarly reminiscent of the folk in Are You Being Served? The young bachelor lords...are reinvented as snazzily-suited yuppies....It doesn't help that Unwin's mostly laugh-free account of the play blurs the distinction between the lords and the visiting retinue of the Princess of France. Instead of coming across as possessing a superior emotional maturity to the men, these young women are just champagne-swigging, shopaholic ladettes."  ~ Paul Taylor, "Something unconvincing in the City", The Independent, 8 March 2001.

"The director tries so hard to be 'hip' and 'relevant' that he kills the play stone dead....The Lords come on as sharp-suited yuppies, Dull the constable is a security guard, and that preposterous Spaniard, Don Armado, is a Hispanic tourist in a leather jacket."  ~ Charles Spencer, "Difficult on the page but marvellous on the stage? Not on this occasion", Daily Telegraph, 5 March 2001.

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