Antony and Cleopatra (2006): Royal Shakespeare Company, Swan Theatre

PrAntony and Cleopatra (

Location: Swan Theatre
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Ken Bones (Enobarbus); Mariah Gale (Octavia); James Hayes (Lepidus); John Hopkins (Octavius Caesar); Patrick Stewart (Antony); Harriet Walter (Cleopatra).

This production ran from 19 April - 14 October 2006, according to Theatre Record. This production subsequently played at the Power Center for the Performing Arts in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA from 24 October - 11 November 2006. It also transferred to the Novello Theatre, London and ran from 11 January - 17 February 2007.

Due to an accident, Ariyon Bakare was replaced by Peter de Jersey as Sextus Pompeius for several months in Stratford-upon-Avon before Barkare was able to rejoin the production.