The Winter's Tale (1969): Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Shakespeare Theatre

PrThe Winter's Tale (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: David Bailie (Florizel); Brenda Bruce (Paulina); Judi Dench (Hermione, Perdita); Barrie Ingham (Leontes); Richard Pasco (Polixenes); Derek Smith (Autolycus).

"[Trevor Nunn] has performed the near-miracle of illuminating and preserving Shakespeare's text with a thoroughly contemporary interpretation....This is Leontes, plunged into schizophrenia, healed by love, faith, and time. Barrie Ingham's playing has detailed intellectual apprehension, and while his voice lacks some orchestration, by the end we feel ourselves convinced by what has happened. Judi Dench's doubling as Perdita and Hermione achieves, especially as the latter, a presence which touches greatness....Trevor Nunn uses psychedelic lighting, cubist-looking glass and stops the action at times to symbolise the freezing up of Leontes' sickened mind."  ~ Gareth Lloyd Evans, The Guardian, 17 May 1969

"The same actress, unusually, plays both Perdita and her mother. And as Hermione, Miss Dench is proud and regal and most touching when Leontes's storm breaks over her...the production is full of novelties, some crazy - the figure of Time is a Negro in a cubicle of mirrors - and some forced."  ~ John Barber, Daily Telegraph, 17 May 1969

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