The Two Gentlemen of Verona (1969): Royal Shakespeare Company, Theatregoround

PrThe Two Gentlemen of Verona (

Location: Theatregoround
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: David Bailie (Valentine); Susan Fleetwood (Julia); Janet Henfrey (Lucetta); Geoffrey Hutchings (Launce); Alton Kumalo (Speed); Richard Pasco (Proteus); Susan Sheers (Silvia).

This production was part of the RSC's Theatregoround touring initiative and had its press night on 19 August 1969.

"Passing through the Royal Shakespeare Theatre en route to less formal settings elsewhere, this Theatregoround production is a winning addition to the RSC's under-publicized series of portable shows. Its character is summed up in Tazeena Firth's handsome set: a quasi-Elizabethan wooden scaffold with the simple solid appeal of a magnified building toy, ensuring from the outset that there will be plenty of games and that none of them will turn too serious." ~ Irving Wardle, "Fun and vigour in early Shakespeare", The Times, 18 September 1969

"Susan Fleetwood, for the first time, has an opportunity to show what a poignantly witty comic actress she can be. Her Julia is sparkling and graceful; there are moments when she alone, by the simplicity of her actions, seems to bridge with just a moment or revelation the gap between chivalry and romance....Other parts are played with humerous [sic] wit...and Alton Kumalo as a sharply succinct clown." ~ S.B., "Two Gentlemen of Verona", Birmingham Post, 4 September 1969

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