Titus Andronicus (2014): Bold Tendencies, Peckham Multi-story car park

PrTitus Andronicus (

Location: Peckham Multi-story car park
Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Adam Burton (Titus); Sonya Cullingford (Lavinia); Noor Dillan-Night (Aaron); Christine Entwistle (Tamora); Samuel Griffiths (Chiron); Nyron Levy (Bassianus); Rob McNeil (Demetrius); Richard Pyros (Saturninus).

This production ran from 4 - 21 September 2014. The full production credits are "The Theory of Everything with Bold Tendencies and Restless Buddha in association with Parkour UK". Production information taken from Theatre Record; may be incomplete.

"Decapitated heads are carried on stage in Morrisons bags, and Lavinia is raped in the back of a white van in this modern, urban staging of Shakespeare's goriest tragedy....The first piece of theatre to be produced in Peckham's multi-story car park, this Titus Andronicus captures some of the play's hysterically grotesque humour. But with a mixed-skill cast, a community choir, parkour and beatboxing elements, and all the challenges of site-specific performance, new London company The Theory of Everything bites off more than it can chew....the setting causes problems for an already imperfect play. Trains thunder like giant erasers through chunks of script, and tension dissipates across the huge space. At one point we're distracted from a murder when Saturninus negotiates a tricky five-point turn."  ~ Bella Todd, Time Out London, 5 September 2014, in Theatre Record 2014, Issue 18

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