The Tempest (2002): National Theatre, NT Education Touring Production

PrThe Tempest (

Location: NT Education Touring Production
Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Nick Cavaliere (Ferdinand); David Fairweather (Caliban); Christopher John Hall (Prospero); Ann Ogbomo (Miranda); Emma Stansfield (Ariel).

The information about this production was provided by Daniel York; no other information has been found as of publication. It was a National Theatre education production and the NT's dating is unclear, as information on the poster gives the year as 2002 but the NT's performance database lists the date of this production as 2003. As the poster is a production artefact, I have taken the date from that as it corresponds with the information provided by Daniel York. On the NT's database, there is no record of the cast.

Pe People involved in this production