The Tempest (1992): Orchard Theatre Company, Drum Theatre, Plymouth

PrThe Tempest (

Location: Drum Theatre, Plymouth
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Bill Buffery (Caliban); Andrea Gascoigne (Miranda, Ariel); John Surman (Prospero).

This production ran from 2 - 14 Marcy 1992. The programme states that Orchard Theatre is a regional touring company that serves the six counties of the southwest: Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Avon and Gloucestershire. This production likely toured throught the southwest, but there has as yet been no information uncovered regarding any tour.

Although Pule Pheto's biography is in the programme along with the rest of the cast, there is no listing of him on the cast list and no listing of his name anywhere else in the programme. It is possible he played a spirit or mariner as "Mariners and spirits played by various members of the Company", but it is not known for certain.

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