Romeo and Juliet (2004): Southwark Playhouse, London

PrRomeo and Juliet (

Live Performance

This production ran from 15 - 31 January 2004, according to Theatre Record.

"Just for a change, the two-hour traffic of Shakespeare's tragic love story runs here at exactly 120 minutes. Admittedly director Thomas Hescott imposes some severe congestion charging on the text to ensure brevity is the soul of wit, but it still goes along at a fair oldlick....Hescott's physical show is driven by the youthful joie de vivre of the drama and is aimed at a Gap generation with multicultural casting and a company dressed in matching T-shirts and drawstring pants. Plus there's an a cappella, world-music orchestration of Shakespearean songs, including a 'Hey Nonny No' getting the South African township treatment. But, most important, the poetry is generally spoken with clarity and sonority....Sarah Quist is an interestingly girlish Nurse and Leon Lee is an amusingly bookish suitor, Paris. There isn't much chemistry between Ronny Jhutti's Romeo and Penny Layden's Juliet, but Jhutti has a sweet and easy grasp of the language, while Layden is a wise and passionate, if somewhat mature, Juliet."  ~ Patrick Marmion, Time Out London, 21 January 2004, in Theatre Record 2004, Issue 1 - 2

"[Sarah Quist] drives home bawdy comedy and the warm-blooded reality of Romeo and Juliet's desire....Most memorable of the rest is Seeta Indrani's steely Lady Capulet. Poor Paris (Leon Lee) is obliged to look ridiculous and even Mercutio (Nick Barber) and Tybalt (Ben Porter) are only truly vivid in the grief they evoke in Juliet. The entire cast is nevertheless instrumental in keeping us rapt, not least through its unaccompanied singing that begins, ends and heightens this production's stunning emotional force."  ~ Barbara Lewis, What's On, 28 January 2004, in Theatre Record 2004, Issue 1 - 2



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