Romeo and Juliet (1993): ACT Theatre Company, Drum Theatre, Plymouth

PrRomeo and Juliet (

Location: Drum Theatre, Plymouth
Live Performance

There is no information for this production as yet, although a press release from the Theatre Royal, Plymouth provides some background information: "The Theatre Royal, Plymouth, renowned for its commitment to innovative cultural initiatives, is currently working with ACT [Theatre Company] in developing a regional multi-cultural programme. The first phase of this, BOONOONOONOOS '92 African Caribbean Festival was so successful that it has developed into an annual event....The current project takes a celebrated English classic, Romeo and Juliet, and explores it through three cultural backgrounds; Asian, African Caribbean and Western European. It brings professional experience from these three areas to create the production with a company drawn from the local community in Plymouth. As well as being innovative in its marriage of diverse cultural traditions, the production is also multi-disciplined in its combination and celebration of music, dance, drama and audio-visual special effects."

The production ran at the Drum Theatre, Plymouth from 7 - 10 April 1993 and additional performances were scheduled at Coombe Dean School from 27 April - 1 May 1993, according to the press release.

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