Romeo and Juliet (1991): National Theatre, National Theatre Studio

PrRomeo and Juliet (

Location: National Theatre Studio
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Paul Bhattacharjee (Tybalt); Alan Cumming (Romeo); Lennie James (Mercutio); Sophie Thompson (Juliet).

This was a workshop production which was presented as a work-in-progress on 19 December 1991. It was a pared-down version of the play which lasted approximately 1 hour 40 minutes.

According to a list of available actors extant in the production file in the NT Archive, other BAME actors under consideration/asked for their availability included: John Adewole, Lenny Algernon-Edwards, Tony Armatrading, Norman Beaton, Alphonsia Emmanuel, Maureen Hibbert, Tyrone Huggins, Oscar James, Sandra James-Young, Stefan Kalipha, Jeffery Kissoon, Marc Matthews, Josephine Melville, T-Bone Wilson.

Pe People involved in this production