Much Ado About Nothing (2014): Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Globe Theatre on Tour

PrMuch Ado About Nothing (

Location: Globe Theatre on Tour
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Aaron Anthony (Claudio [2015)]; Simon Bubb (Benedick [2014]); Christopher Harper (Benedick [2015]); Jim Kitson (Don Pedro); Gemma Lawrence (Hero [2014]; Alex Mugnaioni (Don John, Dogberry [2015]); Emma Pallant (Beatrice); Sam Phillips (Claudio [2014]); Robert Pickavance (Leonato); Chris Starkie (Don John, Dogberry [2014]); Jessica Warbeck (Hero [2015])

This production toured the UK and Europe from 28 April 2014 and, as the Globe publicity states, "performed on a small-scale, Elizabethan-style stage." The production was revived in 2014 with major cast changes.

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