The Merry Wives of Windsor (1968): Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Shakespeare Theatre

PrThe Merry Wives of Windsor (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Brenda Bruce (Mistress Page); Jeffrey Dench (Page); Lila Kaye (Mistress Quickly); Brewster Mason (Sir John Falstaff); Roger Rees (Fenton); Ian Richardson (Ford); Elizabeth Spriggs (Mistress Ford).

Press night for this production took place on 2 May 1968.

"Not that Mr. Hands has entirely left the text to look after itself: he has also built up a detailed picture of the town's life, its streets thronged with children singing and playing conkers, its wives buying food  in the midst of their intrigue, and its placid domestic interiors visible behind the doors and roof-beams of Timothy O'Brien's timbered set."  ~ Irving Wardle, "Brighter view of the Merry Wives", The Times, 3 May 1968

"...and I was very taken with Alton Kumalo as an African Lucius until it appeared in Brutus's tent that he intended neither to sing nor seriously to play his instrument." ~ B. A. Young, "Julius Caesar", Financial Times, 5 May 1968

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