Macbeth of Fire and Ice (2013): Jongunthor Ltd, Double Act Ltd., Arcola Theatre, London

PrMacbeth of Fire and Ice (

Location: Arcola Theatre, London
Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Alex Britton; Mark Ebulue (Macbeth); Molly Gromadzki; Joseph Macnab; Harry Napier Ben Syder.

This production ran from 4 - 16 November 2013. Production information taken from Theatre Record; information incomplete as cast details were not supplied and all cast information comes from the single review in this anthology publication.

"'s the Scottish play filtered through Norse myth, with a dash of jiu-jitsu for good measure. Icelandic director Jon Gun Thor has pared back Shakespeare's paciest tragedy to just 90 minutes, focusing on Macbeth's trajectory and keeping all references to the occult...The six-strong cast valiantly grapple with multiple roles (making use of some fabulously eerie bird-skull masks). Mark Ebulue is a strapping Macbeth, led firmly by Molly Gromadzki's furiously scheming Lady M to commit regicide but whose conscience remains troubled...But the judderingly phyiscal fight scenes remind you that Macbeth is a trained killing machine rather than a deep thinker - a point hammered home when he alone kills Banquo and Macduff's family."  ~ Siobhan Murphy, Metro (London), 5 November 2013, in Theatre Record 2013, Issue22

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