Macbeth (2022): Flabbergast Theatre

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Live Performance

For the Southwark Playhouse run in 2023, the cast were each credited with playing 'Ensemble': Daniel Chrisostomou; Vyte Garriga; Simon Gleave; Paulina Krzeczkowska; Henry Maynard; Briony O'Callaghan; Kyll Thomas-Cole; Dale Wylde. Reviews state that this production originated with R&D at Wilton's Music Hall in 2018 and that it is an ensemble piece where the cast swap roles. It is not possible currently to confirm that the cast swapped roles, as stated by critics, and the only casting known relies on the body of reviews. The director and founder of Flabbergast Theatre, Henry Maynard, played Macbeth; Briony O'Callaghan played Lady Macbeth; Daniel Wylde played the Porter; Simon Gleave played Banquo - all according to the 2023 reviews in Theatre Record. The parts played by Kyll Thomas-Cole are not mentioned in the reviews, so he is currently credited as 'Ensemble' until further evidence arises. There is no casting available for the 2022 run of this production in Edinburgh.

This production ran from 4 - 22 August 2022 at the Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh and 14 March - 8 April 2023.

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