Macbeth (1987): National Theatre, National Theatre Studio, Cottesloe Theatre

PrMacbeth (

Location: National Theatre Studio
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Brian Bovell (Banquo); Treva Etienne (Macbeth); Decima Francis (Lady Macbeth); Trevor Laird (Duncan); Gary McDonald (Macduff).

This was a workshop production, rehearsed for four weeks and performed on what was termed a "Studio Night" in the Cottesloe on 14 April 1987 after an eight week rehearsal period. According to information in the NT Archive, an exceprt of the production was recorded by Channel 4 News although there is no record of whether it went out. There was also clearly discussion about taking this "West Indian Macbeth", as it states in a letter from Tina Packer, to Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, Massachusetts.