Hamlet (2008): Royal Shakespeare Company, The Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

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Location: The Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Edward Bennett (Laertes); Peter de Jersey (Horatio); Penny Downie (Gertrude); Oliver Ford Davies (Polonius); Mariah Gale (Ophelia); Patrick Stewart (Claudius); David Tennant (Hamlet).

This production ran at the Courtyard Theatre from 24 July - 15 November 2008. It transferred to the Novello Theatre, London from 3 December 2008 - 10 January 2009.

"If you've been on holiday in a particularly distant galaxy, it's just possible you haven't heard that Doctor Who is regenerating into the Prince of Denmark. Yes, the RSC's new production of Hamlet has caused a frenzy of media excitement because David Tennant - taking the title role - is, of course, the TV Time Lord."  ~ Kate Bassett, "Face to face with the perfect prince", Independent on Sunday, 10 August 2008.

"Robert Jones's design is backed by floor-to-ceiling glass panels that reflect the audience through the murk. The nocturnal opening on the battlements is thrillingly atmospheric - foggy darkness pierced by flashlights...edgy guards half-seeking, half-dreading the reported ghost."  ~ Martin Hoyle, "Hamlet", Financial Times, 9-10 August 2008.

"...the focusing effect of a booked-out house is intensified because of the huge wall of mirrored panels at the back of the long thrust stage. This reflects the audience and the chandeliered palace and allows for vivid special effects. In the closet scene, Hamlet shoots Polonius with a revolver and the glass crazes into a huge, psychologically suggestive spider's web of cracks."  ~ Paul Taylor, "Doctor who? Tennant captivates as Hamlet", Independent, 6 August 2008.

"...fine support from Peter de Jersey as a touching Horatio..."  ~ Charles Spencer, "Thrills abound in Doctor Who Hamlet", Daily Telegraph, 6 August 2008.

"Peter de Jersey delivers an empty Horatio, not so much sturdy man of honour as mere camp-follower."  ~ Quentin Letts, "Alas, poor Dr Who you're good but not out of this world", Daily Mail, 6 August 2008.

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