Hamlet (1994): New Shakespeare Company, Open Air Theatre, London

PrHamlet (

Location: Open Air Theatre, London
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Guy Burgess (Laertes); David Collings (Polonius); Rebecca Egan (Ophelia); Paul Freeman (Claudius); Richard Holliday-Evans (Horatio); Pamela Miles (Gertrude).

This production ran from 15 June - 8 September 1994, according to Theatre Record.

"The family relationship of Polonius, Ophelia and Laertes is one of the production's major strengths. Guy Burgess and Rebecca Egan create an easy and intimate brother-sister bond, while David Collings (although still on the young side for full-blown doddering) is a well-meaning but uncomprehending father."  ~ Ian Shuttleworth, Evening Standard, 16 June 1994, in Theatre Record 1994, Issue 12

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