Coriolanus (1993): Aquila Productions, The Place, London

PrCoriolanus (

Location: The Place, London
Live Performance

CAST: Katherine Barker (Volumnia); Dennis Conlon; Tim Francis; Pete Hilton; Robert Richmond; Andrew Tansey.

This production ran from 15 - 27 November 1993 at The Place Theatre, London and ran in repertory with Aristophanes's Wasps. The press release states: "Over the past four years Aquila Productions has established itself as one of the UK's foremost transatlantic theatre companies. Prior to their London premieres, Wasps and Coriolanus will be performed in America and Canada during a British Council supported tour to 20 venue throughout 15 states. Aquila are perhaps the only British theatre company to receive regular American arts funding from the prestigious National Endowment for the Humanities."

The cast list is taken from the press release and the review, but no list of roles was attached.

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