As You Like It (2014): Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory, Bristol

PrAs You Like It (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Vic Llewellyn (Touchstone); Daisy May (Celia); Dorothea Myer-Bennett (Rosalind); Jack Wharrier (Orlando).

This production ran from 13 February - 21 June 2014, playing in Bristol, Scarborough, Cheltenham, Truro, Winchester, Exeter and Salisbury.

"It benefits enormously from the intimacy of the space, but in a typically plain staging there is no sense of the wintery grip of the usurping Duke's regime being gradually replaced by the sunny warmth of love and a new order. There is little indication that we are in a forest. The 1930s-style costumes set the tone of well-bred glamping rather than any feeling that the Forest of Arden brings about uncomfortable and messy transformation."  ~ Lyn Gardner, Guardian, 27 February 2014, in Theatre Record 2014, Issue 4

"Harriet de Winter's set is undecorated, give or take the odd Art Deco standard lamp set, but with a simple dappled lighting effect we believe that a bare stage is a forest."  ~ Dominic Maxwell, The Times, 21 February 2014, in Theatre Record 2014, Issue 4

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