As You Like It (2002): Natural Perspectives Theatre Company, Royal Observatory, London

PrAs You Like It (

Location: Royal Observatory, London
Live Performance

This production ran from 28 July - 11 August 2002, according to Theatre Record; they record that full cast details were not supplied.

"It's summer. And as predictable as the season's sun and rains is the rash of light-hearted open air Shakespeares. Natural Perspectives' As You Like It, however, is no humdrum tourist cash-in. It's a vigorous, artful and truly enjoyable caper. Director Adam Meggido's choice to set it in 1940s France is a fine decision that pays off. Those banished to Arden forest become resistance fighters in Greenwich's Royal Observatory, a hidden pocket of green that would be beguiling pastoral if it weren't for the flight paths above and traffic alongside. Unusually, the acting area surrounds and encloses the audience. Actors crawl out of the undergrowth to make small ambushes of the short scenes. And if the wide staging reduces intimacy, the snappy pace provides rewarding compensation. Shakespeare's songs are replaced by period ditties and well-choreographed dance routines, which ensure an uplifting atmosphere. Meggido has taken his time with his actors to makes sense of the words and they deliver them with clarity and a genuine feel for storytelling. Simon Muller's Orlando spars well with Stephanie Street's charismatic Rosalind, and there is fine acting throughout, notably from Miranda Cook whose Celia betrays the split-second moment of falling in love with a simple look."  ~ Mark Espiner, Time Out, 7 August 2002, in Theatre Record XXII, Issue 15.

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