As You Like It (1997): Wooden O Productions, Bridewell Theatre, London

PrAs You Like It (

Location: Bridewell Theatre, London
Live Performance

Full cast details are not known, but the advertising leaflet put out by Wooden O Productions says the cast included Lisa Reeves, Guy Burgess and Rupert Wickham. World Shakespeare Bibliography has the following cast breakdown, with provenance of the information not known: Guy Burgess (Jaques); Leader Hawkins (Adam); Lisa Reeves (Rosalind); Rupert Wickham (Orlando).

This production ran from 24 September - 18 October 1997. Wooden O Productions was a company founded by Rupert Wickham and its patron was Dame Judi Dench at the time of As You Like It. There is a feature from the V&A Theatre and Performance Archive with Judi Dench stating: "I cast Rupert Wickham and Guy Burgess as Mercutio and Benvolio respectively when I directed Romeo and Juliet in Regent's Park..." (Hot Tickets, 18 September 1997)

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