As You Like It (1990): Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

PrAs You Like It (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Susan Curnow (Rosalind); Phyllida Hancock (Celia); Peter Russell (Touchstone); Susan Jane Tanner (Jacques); Ben Thomas (Orlando).

This production ran from 27 September - 27 October 1990.

"The great grassy, tree-studded oval within the seats of the auditorium is a useful Forest of Arden, and the designer, Elizabeth Ascroft, makes it also Oliver's house and Duke Frederick's palace....Orlando is rightly played on the rough side by Ben Thomas; after all, one of his main complaints is that he has been kept away from court. He is pop-style sentimental when he woos Ganymede, whom, after all, he thinks is a boy, but genuinely kind to Adam."  ~ B.A. Young, "As You Like It/Everyman Theatre, Liverpool", Financial Times, 3 October 1990

"he [John Doyle] has Rosalind proving her masculinity by playing football like a reject from Tranmere reserves."  ~ Les Smith, Guardian, 2 October 1990, in London Theatre Record, 24 September - 7 October 1990, Issue 20.

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