As You Like It (1979): St Georges Theatre, London

PrAs You Like It (

Live Performance

CAST INCLUDES: Sam Dastor (Orlando); Bernard Hepton (Jaques); Rosemary Leach (Rosalind); John Moreno (Touchstone); Jenny Oulton (Celia) (incomplete information from reviews).

"It is a high-spirited performance on the Elizabethan stage. Without any marked scenic show, the players are left to create Arden, and in general they do this as fluently as John Moreno's Touchstone (better company than usual) now performs some incidental jigging. Is Rosemary Leach's Rosalind a little too studied? Maybe; but she has the tone for the raillery and she is entirely fortunate in her quiet Orlando (Sam Dastor) and a gently watchful Celia (Jenny Oulton)."  ~ J. C. Trewin, Birmingham Post, 29 June 1979

"You can, in both senses, hear every word of the play in the St George's performance of As You Like It. And that, particularly in an enterprise partly aimed at newcomers to Shakespeare, is by no means to be sneezed at. The production is played in conventional doublet and hose before the standing galleries set with pleasant early music from the Musica Antiqua and a rather laborious flourish of flags to mark the transition to Arden. But as it unfolds, one begins to wonder whether clarity has not been purchased at the expense of shades of meaning. Not that the director, George Murcell, eschews interpretation altogether: the emphasis on Touchstone's juggling and conjuring tricks comments on the formal properties of the play itself....Of the players Rosemary Leach's Rosalind may be - let us say - a shade mature but displays considerable charm of a slightly head-girlish sort, while there is nicely modulated Jaques from Bernard Hepton and a Frederick gamely played by Eric Lander in hiss-the-villain style."  ~ Tim Pulleine, Guardian, 28 June 1979


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