The Winter's Tale (2013): Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park, London

PrThe Winter's Tale (

Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Lewis Goody (Florizel); Guy Burgess (Leontes); Dean Nolan (Polixenes); Sirine Saba (Hermione); Alexandra Maher (Paulina); Kezrena James (Perdita).

The Winter's Tale Re-Imagined. A version of Shakespeare's play for children with a cast of six. The production ran from 29 June - 20 July 2013. Production information taken from Theatre Record; may be incomplete.

"The only Shakespeare at the Open Air theatre this summer is this late play, 'reimagined for everyone aged six and over'. What this amounts to is an utterly beguiling two-hour mix of good storytelling, rich language and panto-style audience participation that kept an old purist like me perfectly happy....The actors also do a good job in relishing the poetry while reaching out to the audience. Guy Burgess conveys all the insensate fury of Leontes..."  ~ Michael Billington, The Guardian, 9 July 2013, in Theatre Record 2013, Issue 14

"I was swept away by Sirine Saba's mistreated Queen Hermione - and her hard-clowning shepherd. I laughed with Dean Nolan's King Polixenes in the larky, interactive Act IV, but felt his sting as he exiled his son, just as I'd felt the sting when Guy Burgess's Leontes first got jealous of him and Hermione. I even shed a few tears at the end of this story of capricious power and second chances. Yes, there are losses: 'If music be the food of love...' doesn't register in its rapped version here. [This is the first line of Twelfth Night, likely transposed into this production] But the story comes up fresh for children and adults alike."  ~ Dominic Maxwell, The Times, 12 July 2013, in Theatre Record 2013, Issue 14

"By the time Sirine Saba performs a Gangnam Style dance as cutpurse Autolycus, the atmosphere is like sports day at your local school. But for all this roustabout humour, there are also moments of intense stillness. The excellent cast can shift from silly to serious without grinding the gears."  ~ Tim Auld, Sunday Telegraph, 14 July 2013, in Theatre Record 2013, Issue 14

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