The Winter's Tale (1995): Library Theatre, Manchester

PrThe Winter's Tale (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Nicholas Bailey (Florizel); David Crellin (Autolycus); Mike Dowling (Polixenes); Emma Gregory (Hermione); Valentine Pelka (Leontes); Suzannah Pilcher (Perdita).

This production ran from 26 October - 25 November 1995.

"The production teems with inventive flourishes such as almost-abstract film clips and a well-timed projection of a rainbow to point the final harmony. But the problem for me was that this time director Chris Honer failed to find an overall coherence and conviction. It felt like a collection of unconsidered trifles. The postmodernism of Paul Kondras's design is so subtle it looks like fey whimsy. The contrasted courts and countryside of mythic Sicilia and Bohemia are so subtly ironic that it looks like am-dram tat. In this muddled context the players seem to flounder in search of a style. Only Kathryn Hunt's Paulina and Nicholas Bailey's Florizel seem to find any certainty in their roles. David Crellin's Autolycus had a spivy charm but seemed to wander in from another show, perhaps the panto."  ~ Robin Thornber, The Guardian, 1 November 1995.

"Abstraction, and the stark loneliness of arcades, mark Paul Kondras and Ian Somerville's design for The Winter's Tale. It is often superbly lit and the costumes provide a patina of sophistication to the court scene. But the scene changes are fussy, even clumsy."  ~ Jeffrey Wainwright, Independent, 8 November 1995

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