The Winter's Tale (1990): Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

PrThe Winter's Tale (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Nigel Bowden (Leontes); Mairead Carty (Perdita); Michael Higgs (Florizel); Rob Jarvis (Autolycus); Ann Penfold (Paulina); Victoria Scarborough (Hermione). [The programme omits Polixenes.]

This production ran from 21 March - 7 April 1990.

"Antony Tuckey has strived to strike that rare balance between originality of vision and wilful over-interpretation, a version apprehensible to those to whom the play is new, yet appealing to listeners to whom it is all familiar....Sicilia is cold: rather Russian, with fur-lined boots, headscarves and roaring log fires, and a perpetually howling wind. ANd it is ruled by a wintry king. Nigel Bowden's gaunt Leontes is no ranter, but a restrained, withdrawn moaner, chilling the blood of all who come near. His unhappy queen comes from prison to her trial in a state of teeth-chattering near-hysteria; Victoria Scarborough's hopeless defence was more movingly delivered than I had ever seen."

~ M. Grosvenor-Myer, Guardian, 24 March 1990

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