The Winter's Tale (1990): Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

PrThe Winter's Tale (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Sean Baker (Leontes); Mark Drewry (Polixenes); Claire Hackett (Perdita); Adrian Lester (Florizel); Myra McFadyen (Autolycus); Barbara Marten (Hermione).

This production ran from 8 February - 17 March 1990 and also toured nationally including dates in Grimsby, Bedford, Burton-on-Trent, Crewe, Whitehaven, Stroud and Chelmsford.

"It is a quirkily innovative production, spartan by the standards we have come to expect from the Royal Exchange but with inventive touches that verge on indulgence. Anthony Ward's setting is a bare mustard floor, with pink chairs for Sicilia and green for Bohemia. I missed the sense of seasonal change that The Winter's Tale implies through its imagery. This production was at its absorbing best when the actors were given their heads - Ellie Haddington's persuasive Paulina virtually carried the show; Barbara Marten's Hermione had an impressive dignity; Adrian Lester's young prince and Claire Hackett's lost princess were filled with charm and knowing innocence; and Kevin Quarmby's Camillo had a rugged integrity."  ~ Robin Thornber, The Guardian, undated press cutting in the Royal Exchange archive


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