Twelfth Night (2009): Unicorn Theatre, London

PrTwelfth Night (

Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Samantha Adams (Sir Toby Belch); John Cockerill (Viola); Julie Hewlett (Olivia); Amit Sharma (Malvolio); David Smith (Orsino, Sir Andrew Aguecheek); Gehane Strehler (Feste, Maria).

This production ran from 13 May - 7 June 2009. Production information from Theatre Record; may be incomplete.

"Rosamunde Hutt's ebullient in-the-round production for younger audiences of Shakespeare's greatest comedy has lots going for it. In the first place there's Lou Wilson's set, half-garden, half-pool (the latter smartly used to evoke the shipwreck that first throws the heroine Viola on to the coast of love-mad Illyria). Then there's the music: the cast are forever bursting into song, (mostly) to tuneful effect...[Sir Toby Belch] is played non-traditionally by a woman, with Samantha Adams's sozzled knight making [her] first entrance singing the Jamaican calypso 'Underneath the Mango Tree'."  ~ Robert Shore, Time Out London, 28 May 2009, in Theatre Record 2009, Issue 10

"Samantha Adams's Caribbean Sir Toby Belch is fun, and there's a lovely, sisterly warmth between Julie Hewlett's statuesque Olivia and Gehane Strehler as both Maria and Feste, two equally diverting sides of the same coin."  ~ Sam Marlowe, The Times, 21 May 2009, in Theatre Record 2009, Issue 10

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