Twelfth Night (2007): Royal and Derngate Theatres, Northampton, Royal Theatre

PrTwelfth Night (

Location: Royal Theatre
Live Performance

This production ran from 30 January - 17 February 2007, according to Theatre Record.

"The trick with Twelfth Night is finding the balance between mirth and melancholy. Though Laurie Sansom's production is a handsome affair, it doesn't quite deliver on either score. The rainy funeral of Olivia's brother sets the tone beautifully, but though Simon Rostrand's design with its Victorian flock wallpaper and picture frames references the theatre's history, it also boxes everything in, both physically and emotionally. There are some nice moments, including a bath scene where the disguised Viola is confronted with her naked love, Orsino, and just doesn't know where to look. But the comedy of Sir Toby and chums is forced, and a shallow Olivia and Orsino are played with a brittleness that suggests they have wandered out of a revival of The Importance of Being Earnest. Rebecca Grant is a sparky Viola. But the best performance of the evening comes from Greg Barnett in the tiny role of Antonio, a man who loses everything - including his heart."  ~ Lyn Gardner, Guardian, 2 February 2007


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