Twelfth Night (2002): Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory, Bristol

PrTwelfth Night (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Lucy Black (Olivia); David Collins (Malvolio); Esther Ruth Elliott (Viola); Tom Espiner (Orsino); John Mackay (Sir Andrew); Jonathan Nibbs (Feste); Roland Oliver (Sir Toby).

This production ran from 21 March - 27 April 2002.

Emmanuel Ighodaro was one of two actors in their final year at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School playing Gentlemen in Olivia's Court.

"The acting area is larger than most theatres in the round, three or four times the size of Sam Walters's at the Orange Tree or Ayckbourn's in Scarborough, yet an exceptionally close relationship between audience and actors has emerged at both the productions I have seen there....This season's Twelfth Night uses a scrupulously plain stage, bare except for some plump-legged Elizabethan chairs, sometimes a chest or table, with the lighting's brief seashore ripple effect providing the only indication of a wider background. Against this simplicity the emotional journeys of the characters lie open to our eyes, beautifully revealed in Esther Ruth Elliott's Viola."  ~ Jeremy Kingston, The Times, 28 March 2002.

"Twelfth Night isn't quite 'no frills attached'. My heart sank fleetingly at the sight of Tom Espiner's posturing Orsino and his retinue sporting ye olde, hired doublets and ruffs. The acting isn't uniformly incisive either."  ~ Kate Bassett, Independent on Sunday, 31 March 2002.

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