Twelfth Night (1986): Haymarket Theatre, Leicester

PrTwelfth Night (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Felictiy Dean (Olivia); Christopher Good (Sir Andrew Aguecheek); George Irving (Orsino); Sylvester McCoy (Feste); Alexandra Mathie (Viola); Christopher Ravenscroft (Malvolio); Nick Stringer (Sir Toby Belch).

This production ran from 1 - 25 October 1986.

"Nancy Meckler's production begins badly enough, with George Irving's Orsino delivering his lines as though testing them for size, and memories of her atrocious Macbeth of last season are dispelled only when the misrule gets underway. ~ M.C., "Twelfth Night, Haymarket Leicester", Times, 4 October 1986

"Dermot Hayes sets Nancy Meckler's new production of Twelfth Night in a wooden-galleried cut-away house of vaguely Balkan provenance through whose open windows and skeletal timbered roof we see a velvet black sky glittering with cut-out silver stars....This is a clear, straightforward and unexceptional view of the play, stripped of sexual ambivalence, short on revelation and inventiveness and frankly disappointing after the same director's extraordinary Macbeth in Leicester last year." ~ Observer, 5 October 1986

"Dermot Hayes's intriguing set comprises a decayed segment of a many-galleried Elizabethan playhouse. Joists show, warped woodwork cracks, modern scaffolding provides walkways; and through the gaps in the wall bare branches as from some petrified forest can be glimpsed against the starry night sky." ~ Martin Hoyle, "Twelfth Night/Haymarket, Leicester", Financial Times, 6 October 1986

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