Twelfth Night (1983): Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Shakespeare Theatre

PrTwelfth Night (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Miles Anderson (Orsino); Sarah Berger (Olivia); Emrys James (Malvolio); Daniel Massey (Sir Andrew Aguecheek); Richard O'Callaghan (Feste); John Thaw (Sir Toby Belch); Zoe Wanamaker (Viola).

This production's press night was on 20 April 1983 in Stratford-upon-Avon. It subsequently transferred to the Barbican in 1984.

"That said, the young John Caird is to be congratulated on his first major Shakespeare. Under his direction, the comedy's melancholy is so well realised it needed no storm (yes, it persists) to underline it. Emrys James, so often a fiery Plantagenet warrior, reminds us how fine a comedian he is with a Malvolio who could be a butcher in a foolish goatee - a bull in his rage, a turkey cock in his arrogance and a heartbreaking idiot in his stupidity." ~ John Barber, "A dark and stormy night", Daily Telegraph, 22 April 1983

"Illyria in this version contracts to a love shrine. Robin Don (making his Stratford debut) offers a gloomy rock-strewn promontory flanked by an overgrown gateway to Olivia's estate and surmounted by the bare ruined boughs of a towering tree. Here the obsessed Orsino is permanently encamped; and the only modification for the other scenes is the withdrawal of the gate. The air is filled with the surge of the sea and melancholy sea music (by Ilona Sekacz), sometimes projecting an atmosphere of heartbreak, sometimes swelling into operatic violence as for the first appearance of the shipwrecked Viola." ~ Irving Wardle, "Twelfth Night", The Times, 22 April 1983

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