Twelfth Night (1943): Shakespeare Memorial Theatre

PrTwelfth Night (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: C. Rivers Gadsby (Feste); Patricia Jessel (Viola); Anna Konstam (Olivia); Charles Reading (Orsino); Abraham Sofaer (Malvolio); Geoffrey Wincott (Sir Toby Belch).


"Mr. Rosmer's production displays no outward sign of war-time impoverishment. Bright, and brightly-lit, it pleases the eye, and, despite the cuts, its thread of humour and its poetry satisfies the ear. Charles Reading's settings show what can be done with old wood and canvas and new paint and ideas....Abraham Sofaer carried off Malvolio with a fine assurance and a finish which added to the build of this often over-assessed character."

~ Evesham Journal, 24 April 1943


"Twelfth Night is better [than Othello in the same season], though contemplation has still to make 'a rare turkey-cock' of Mr. [Abraham] Sofaer's otherwise excellent Malvolio."

~ J. C. Trewin, "Stratford Festival", Observer, 25 April 1943

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