Troilus and Cressida (1968): Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Shakespeare Theatre

PrTroilus and Cressida (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Alan Howard (Achilles); Helen Mirren (Cressida); Bryan Robson (Agamemnon); Norman Rodway (Thersites); Clifford Rose (Nestor); Sebastian Shaw (Ulysses); Patrick Stewart (Hector); David Waller (Pandarus); Michael Williams (Troilus).

Press night for this production took place on 8 August 1968.

"The production as a whole strikes me as over-elaborate. The play lasts nearly four hours and it really is not a good enough dramatic composition to stand it."  ~ W. A. Darlington,"Original view of Cressida", Daily Telegraph, 10 August 1968

"True, it has moments that will stay: the sight of the Prologue like a figure from a Greek case-painting; the passage when Helen ('the deadly theme') and Paris are alone on the stage and we see the heart of the great contention that Shakespeare summarised in the voice of Thersites, 'war and lechery;' and the end when those Myrmidons looming sable through the smoke, mass themselves about the unarmed Hector at the bidding of Achilles."  ~ J. C. Trewin, Birmingham Post, 9 August 1968

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