The Two Noble Kinsmen (2000): Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, The Globe Theatre, Bankside

PrThe Two Noble Kinsmen (

Location: The Globe Theatre, Bankside
Live Performance

"...both the play and Tim Carroll's production are curate's eggs - good in parts....We get off to a wobbly start with a bout of ritualistic theatre in which three widowed queens lament in gold masks like furies from some Jacobean masque. Set-designer Roger Butlin also lumbers the cast with a gigantic horse's skull that nods on a metal crane. This might be a menacing death's head, but the way that it keeps blocking our view of the players is plain asinine. However, [Will] Keen and [Jasper] Britton save the day."  ~ Kate Bassett, "Comedy kinsmen save the day", Daily Telegraph, 7 August 2000.

"Roger Butlin (Master of Design) dresses nobles pleasingly in cream, commoners in shades of brown. And at the centre of the stage he places the skull of a colossal horse on a wooden pylon, to dip and rotate in the cleverest way. The play is no great Shakespeare, but [Tim] Carroll and his cast make it entertaining - even modern, when the cousins help to arm each other for their combat, and one asks: 'How do I look?'"  ~ Jeremy Kingston, Times, 8 August 2000.


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