The Tempest (1996): Contact Theatre, Manchester

PrThe Tempest (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Michael Begley (Ferdinand); Kulvinder Ghir (Ariel); Dominic McHale (Caliban); Rina Mahoney (Miranda); James Masters (Alonso); Gary Raymond (Prospero).

This was a touring production which played at the Coliseum, Oldham from 12 - 28 September 1996, the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry from 1 - 5 October 1996 and the Nia Centre, Manchester from 8 - 12 October.

"The Tempest seemed to be appropriate for a production in autumn 1996 because of its concern with government; both of one's country and of oneself. Prospero rules tyrannically on the island with Caliban, Ariel and the other spirits doing his bidding through fear and coercsion...We will soon be voting in an election to choose our government and the question of whether the candidates are fit to govern remains unanswered. Self governance seems in short supply in our political and royal leaders, yet Britain's response to Nelson Mandela's state visit suggested a deep desire for leaders of great moral stature."  ~ Director's note in the programme

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