The Tempest (1994): Changeinspeak, Battersea Arts Centre, London

PrThe Tempest (

Location: Battersea Arts Centre, London
Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Torben Betts (Ferdinand); Dave Fishley (Caliban); Kevin Molloy (Prospero).

This production ran from 19 October - 13 November 1994. Casting information is taken from the press release and the reviews; no programme has yet been found.

The press release distributed by BAC states it is "Set in a world evocative of Thirties Hollywood where Prospero's island is a film set, this is a place of possibilities marred by vanity and betrayal, blurred by the mysteries of opium and the magic of cinema. The most distinctive poetry, the poetry of the impossible is set in motion by Ariel as she provides the light for Prospero's pageant."

"We are washed up on a '30s film set with Nazi paraphrenalia and clips of Casablanca thrown in to take us 'through the spectrum of cinematic references and motifs from the modern era of film.' (Don't ask me - I've no idea why.)...The beastly spirit Caliban, one long, unintelligble primal scream from the black actor Dave Fishley, sets the audience squirming in PC discomfort."  ~ Sara Abdulla, What's On, 26 October 1994, in Theatre Record XIV: 1994, Issue 21.

"Sebastian and co are quipping Noel Coward wannabes and Stephano's a prat-falling embryonic Nazi to an eye-rolling 'sambo' of a Caliban.  ~ Paula Webb, Time Out, 26 October 1994.

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