The Tempest (1993): Salisbury Playhouse

PrThe Tempest (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Lucy Briers (Miranda); Adrian Irvine (Ferdinand); Christopher McHallem (Caliban); Andrew Price (Ariel); Christopher Ravenscroft (Prospero).

This production played from 16 Septemeber - 9 October 1993.

"Shakespeare is in good hands in the regions. Deborah Paige's The Tempest (Salisbury Playhouse) elaborates inventively on last year's Dream with the same designer Isabella Bywater - sand; marine, photographic blow-ups; white costumes....Paige sees levity in her overlaps and brings a real sense of European/Peter Brook-style invention to her staging. Christopher Ravenscroft, torn ligaments and all, leads a fine young company...his movement is curiously accelerated on his Antony 'Crookback' Sher crutches."  ~ Observer, 26 September 1993

"Deborah Paige's production is a mixed treat. One problem is Isabella Bywater's set; a triptych of screens surrounding a sandpit, with narrow doors cut into it. It makes entrances and exits clumsy, sometimes even invovlving a polite queue of actors waiting to leave, and reduces the fluidity of this most fluid and seamless of plays....Some of the senior actors merely recite rather than act....Paige's staging of the magic scenes and the masque is an object lesson in what you can achieve by skilful doubling and an agile use of the simplest props.  ~ John Peter, "The Tempest, Salisbury Playhouse", Sunday Times, 26 September 1993

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