Romeo and Juliet (2009): Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, The Globe Theatre, Bankside

PrRomeo and Juliet (

Location: The Globe Theatre, Bankside
Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Philip Cumbus (Mercutio); Adetomiwa Edun (Romeo); Ellie Kendrick (Juliet); Penny Layden (Nurse); Ukweli Roach (Tybalt).

This production ran from 30 April - 23 August 2009, according to Theatre Record.

"The staging of this Romeo and Juliet is straightforward, the verse speaking clear. And though Adetomiwa Edun and Ellie Kendrick never quite reach the required extremes of passion and despair, they take ownership of the lead roles and root the play in a teenage milieu. Dromgoole's Tudor-costumed production doesn't strive for contemporary relevance, but it's there....Edun's boyishly handsome Romeo is a dreamer amid a pack of boisterous lads....When Romeo first overhears her praising him in the balcony scene, he bites his knuckles in unbelieving delight. She is touchingly sideswiped by love. This Verona is no place for romantics, though. When Ukweli Roach, as Juliet's bloodthirsty cousin Tybalt, stalks the stage, the air is heavy with menace."  ~ Nick Curtis, Evening Standard, 1 May 2009, in Theatre Record 2009, Issue 9

"Adetomiwa Edun, as Romeo, is 25 but doesn't look it. Ellie Kendrick, as Juliet, is on her gap year before going to Cambridge. She looks as close to Juliet's real age of 13 as you're ever likely to see outside of a school play...Edun speaks the verse easily and clearly. He's limber, likeable, a natural aristocrat. But when his Romeo needs to enter a different dimension of despair or delight, anger or desperation, he struggles to go up a gear."  ~ Dominic Maxwell, The Times, 2 May 2009, in Theatre Record 2009, Issue 9

"I have seen productions with more piercing poetical magic. But newcomer Adetomiwa Edun is an athletic Romeo with magnetism...The racial mix onstage is adorned by an agreeable-looking Maori actor, Rawiri Paratene, as Friar Lawrence. Scenes are mingled with songs (music by Nigel Hess) and visual jokes, which are as much a Globe feature as the Elizabethan costumes."  ~ Robert Gore-Langton, Sunday Telegraph, 3 May 2009, in Theatre Record 2009, Issue 9

"Among the supporting cast, I particularly admired Rawiri Paratene's impassioned, persuasively holy Friar Lawrence"  ~ Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph, 4 May 2009, in Theatre Record 2009, Issue 9

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