Romeo and Juliet (2007): Battersea Arts Centre (BAC)

PrRomeo and Juliet (

Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED (from Theatre Record): Joanna Bacon (Nurse); Natasha Barrero (Juliet); Jack Gordon (Jameo); Harry Hadden-Patton (Mercutio); Piers Harrison (Tybalt).

This production ran from 24 July - 12 August 2007, according to Theatre Record.

"The acting area in Studio 1 is barely 12 walking paces across, yet this contains trees, rooms and six different entrances, plus the balcony window that later doubles - a master strok - as a view into the vault where Juliet lies sleeping. But a significant feature of Findlay's skills is her ability to select a cast, some of them just out of drama school, and make them a cohesive group suggesting long involvement in the murderous feuds of Verona. Not much can be done these days to make long-dead sexual idioms flash fire as adolescent porn but she presents the young thugs as masters of swordplay."  ~ Jeremy Kingston, The Times, 30 July 2007, in Theatre Record 2007, Issue 15

"Polly Findlay, who this year joined Natalie Abrahami and Thea Sharrock on the winners' roll call for the JMK award for directors, has certainly got the right idea about one of Shakespeare's more tedious efforts: she plays it pacy, in a cut-down version that winds it all up in just over two hours. James Cotterill's pannelled wood design creates the right claustrophobic atmosphere for Findlay's thriller-like approach, even if it does make the Capulets look as though if they [sic] were the proud owners of a fitted bedroom with a built-in bed. Unfortunately, Findlay fails to give any sense of time and place, and the production is rather more coldly English than hot-headedly Italian."  ~ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, 3 August 2007, in Theatre Record 2007, Issue 15

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