Richard III (2013): Nottingham Playhouse

PrRichard III (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Ian Bartholomew (Richard III); Natalie Burt (Lady Anne); Tim Chipping (Edward IV); Paul Greenwood (Hastings); Nyasha Hatendi (Richmond); Siobhan McCarthy (Queen Elizabeth); Milo Twomey (Buckingham).

This production ran from 19 - 30 November 2013.

"Nottingham's new staging is heralded as the first major production to be informed by the 2012 excavations that unearthed the notorious 15th-century monarch's bones in a Leicester car park. Director Loveday Ingram has, we're assured, drawn on the resultant forensic evidence. As the excited oesteoarchaeologists discovered in 2012 (resolving years of speculation and smear campaigns), Richard indeed suffered from curvature of the spine, as well as trauma to the skull, presumably inflicted at the Battle of Bosworth where he bit the dust. It comes as something of a disappointment, then, to find Ingram's leading man - Ian Bartholomew in the title role - sporting a hump that is one of the least convincing I've seems that Richard was amazingly ahead of his time, dressing like a modern-era Fascist in military black shirt and combat trousers. His fellow courtiers favour a melange of historic velvet robes and business suits. This production is relatively impressive by the end when it gathers momentum. Indeed, the Battle of Bosworth is its crowning glory, as Nyasha Hatendi's Richmond (the despot-defeating hero) delivers a rousing call to arms. The climactic fight choreography is sharply synched with amplified sound-effects too, so Richmond and his troopers mime smashing Bartholomew's cranium as the latter falls in dazed jerks - hearing distant coronation choiring beyond the thuds of steel on flesh."  ~ Kate Bassett, "Discontent? It gives me the right hump", Times, 31 October 2013

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