Richard III (1999): Mercury Theatre, Colchester

PrRichard III (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Sasha Behar (Lady Anne); Gregory Floy (Richard III); Ian Kirkby (Buckingham); Sarah Tansey (Queen Elizabeth).

This production ran from 23 September - 9 October 1999.

"This is a Richard III of broad strokes and bold images, dominated by a king who is more of an RKO serial villain than an aspirant mass murderer. And I do mean dominated. Gregory Floy's Richard never leaves the iron-ringed, mulch-strewn stage. When not required in a scene, he squats, glowering, on a metal throne atop a rusty stairway, like a sinister puppetmaster about to cut someone's strings. When the spotlight is on him he hams it up mercilessly, growling and leering his way through Shakespeare's verse with exaggeratedly precise phrasing....David Grindley's production is starkly designed and expressionistically lit, evoking a world of unease and sudden death....The three queens - Anne [Sasha Behar], Elizabeth and Margaret - share a surprisingly moving scene of mourning, their sorrow bathed in wintry light. Mostly, though, the show belongs not to the cast as a whole, but to Grindley's concept and to Floy's over-the-top Richard. Striking it may be, but subtle it ain't."

~ Nick Curtis, "A tailor, a tailor, my kingdom for a tailor", London Evening Standard, 30 September 1999

"Several other performances come into focus, creating a memorably sad triangle of empathy between Christine Absalom's magnificently unhinged Queen Margaret and those on whom her curses have alighted, Sasha Behar's forlorn Duchess of York and Sarah Tansey's older and wiser Queen Elizabeth."

~ Dominic Cavendish, "Methinks he doth dissemble too much", Independent, 1 October 1999


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