Richard III (1998): Haymarket Theatre, Leicester

PrRichard III (

Live Performance

PRINCIPAL CAST: Fo Cullen (Lady Anne); Peter Forbes (Buckingham); Janet Henfrey (Queen Margaret); Stephen Hogan (Edward IV); Ian Pepperell (Richard III).

This production ran from 30 October - 21 November 1998.

"With no major names, a fresh-faced cast and a handful of bold design conceits, Paul Kerryson fashions one of the most exhilarating productions of Richard III I have ever seen. Taking no chances with Richard's winter of discontent, he sets the play in something resembling a giant fridge. None of the trappings of this modish desperately original. But as metaphoric shorthand for Richard's chilly deals, the atmosphere is startlingly effective."

~ James Christopher, "Charm and poison", Times, 5 November 1998



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