Othello (2016): Stafford Shakespeare Festival

PrOthello (

Live Performance

CAST INCLUDED: Niall Costigan (Iago); James Lawrence (Cassio); Oliver Wilson (Othello).

This production ran from 23 June - 9 July 2016. Casting information taken from reviews, therefore it is incomplete.

"Stafford Festival Shakespeare has always prided itself on being accessible and there’s a distinctly populist feel to this production, not least because of its setting: Italy and Cyprus in 1956, when rock ‘n’ roll was all the rage and the British military was based on the island. Clare Prenton’s production features a series of pop songs from the era, many performed live, to occasionally lighten the murderous mood. The stand-out performance comes from Niall Costigan, whose nuanced Iago is delivered in a powerfully menacing cold-blooded manner. Oliver Wilson gives a strong performance in the title role, though his death scenes fall just short of conveying Othello’s angst and torment."  ~ Neil Bonner, The Stage, 24 June 2016

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