Othello (2006): Tight Fit Theatre, Broadway Theatre, London

PrOthello (

Location: Broadway Theatre, London
Live Performance

This production ran from 7 February - 4 March 2006, according to Theatre Record.

"It takes a while to adjust to Mark Oldknow's vision of Venice. Clinically devoid of colour or clutter, Shakespeare's characters look bizarrely kitted up for a Star Trek convention, dressed in long, futuristic grey silks, with kooky asymmetric hairdos and a propensity to fall flat on their noses when the Duke appears, arms outstretched. The initial misgivings, which include the blank verse sounding as odd and alien as the costumes, are quashed by the arrival of Charles Angiama's Othello. Sensual, soldierly and pointedly at home with the customs of the court, Angiama is wonderfully adept at conveying the precariousness of Othello's position from the moment he takes Desdemona to his bed."  ~ Lucy Powell, Time Out London, 15 February 2006, in Theatre Record 2006, Issue 3

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